WEBINAR: Coping with Chemo Brain

Dr. Tracy Vannorsdall, board-certified clinical neuropsychologist and assistant professor at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, will discuss cancer-related impairment, also known as “chemo fog” or “chemo brain,” which can be connected to either specific cancer treatments or a cancer diagnosis. Chemo brain can include detrimental effects on memory and attention, and negatively impacts quality […]


Leigh Pate and Elizabeth Viggiano of the Lobular Breast Cancer Alliance will lead a discussion about the unique aspects of lobular breast cancer and the role of advocacy to advance research and educate about ILC. Join these two seasoned advocates to discuss your concerns and questions about lobular breast cancer.  This roundtable discussion is hosted […]

WEBINAR – Brain Metastasis: Emerging Treatments and Reasons To Be Hopeful


  Join Dr. Nancy Lin, Director of the Metastatic Breast Cancer Program at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, as she discusses diagnosis, symptom management, emerging treatments and reasons to be hopeful with Julia Maues, Metastatic Breast Cancer Patient Advocate.

WEBINAR – Report Back from SABCS: Spotlight on MBC


In this popular annual webinar, Dr. Virginia Kaklamani, Leader of the Breast Cancer Program at UT Health San Antonio MD Anderson Cancer Center, will share her biggest takeaways from the research presented at the 2019 San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium, one of the largest breast cancer conferences in the world. She will focus on research […]

WEBINAR | Strategies for Coping with COVID-19 Fear and Social Isolation


In the weeks since the coronavirus emerged, our lives have been disrupted in unimaginable ways. Julie Larson, LCSW will provide tools to cope with the emotional impact of fear, uncertainty, and isolation many are experiencing today. Join us as we walk through strategies for managing anxiety and ideas for staying connected and supported during this […]

WEBINAR | Genetics and Genomics in African American Women


This webinar will provide an overview of genetic risk and gene signatures that have been uncovered in recent years, which established unique molecular underpinnings of cancer growth that are specific to ancestry groups. Melissa B. Davis, PhD, Scientific Director of the International Center for the Study of Breast Cancer Subtypes, Weill Cornell Medical College, will […]

WEBINAR | What the COVID-19 Crisis Means for Gynecologic Cancer Patients


The coronavirus pandemic has added an extra layer of uncertainty to the lives of cancer patients. Join Dr. Stephanie V. Blank, Director of Gynecologic Oncology for the Mount Sinai Health System, and Dr. Melissa Frey, gynecologic oncologist at Weill Cornell Medicine for updates on what ovarian, endometrial, and other gynecologic cancer patients need to know […]

WEBINAR | Addressing Your COVID-19 Breast Cancer Concerns


Dr. Anne Moore, medical oncologist and Director of the Breast Cancer Survivorship Program at Weill Cornell and Dr. Leticia Varella, Assistant Professor of Medicine at Weill Cornell Medical College will go over changes in treatment and maintenance care for those with an early stage or metastatic breast cancer diagnosis. They will address your risk level […]

Hereditary Cancer Risk in 2021: BRCA and the Full Spectrum of Hereditary Cancer Risk and What it Means for Your Family


Over the past several years the options available through multigene hereditary cancer panel testing have exploded. This webinar will focus on some of the most common moderate-risk genetic mutations related to breast and ovarian cancer, testing available to determine your risk, and options available for you if you test positive. This program is presented by […]

Getting Our Fair SHARE: 2022 Conference to End Health Disparities


There has been a lot of talk about health disparities. The time has come to start acting. Getting Our Fair SHARE: 2022 Conference to End Health Disparities does just that. As an important member of our SHARE community, your voice is imperative to move this mission forward. We are honing in on key obstacles to health equity and […]

Report Back from ASCO: What’s the Latest in Metastatic Breast Cancer?


SHARE Cancer Support invites you to join Dr. Neil Iyengar, medical oncologist at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, as he provides a comprehensive update from the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) 2022 Annual Meeting. He will break down what the research presented at the conference means for you and answer questions about the new […]


NEW Breast Cancer Brain Mets Support Group from SHARE Cancer Support

This is a Bi-Weekly Zoom Support Group co-facilitated by a social worker and a trained peer advocate. This group is for women of all ages who have been diagnosed with brain metastases or leptomeningeal disease from breast cancer. Please join us to find hope, support and information from others living with this disease. Women may […]