Clinical Trials For Metastatic Breast Cancer

Fewer than 1 in 20 cancer patients currently participate in clinical trials, but those clinical trials lead to discoveries that can help people live longer with a higher quality of life. Learn how you can get involved.

Why Clinical Trials?

Doctors need trials to understand which treatments work best. Patients need trials to ensure more treatments are available when they need to try something new. Download a fact sheet.

Finding and Paying For a Clinical Trial

How can MBC patients find and pay for clinical research trials? Learn the basics of what to look for, how to access a trial, and how to determine what costs will be covered for you. Watch the video.

Is a Trial Right For You?

Thinking of joining a clinical trial? Our checklist for patients helps you gather information about your options, and ensure you make an informed decision. Download the checklist.

Find a Clinical Trial for MBC

Use one of our patient-friendly tools to easily search for metastatic breast cancer trials near you.

MBC Trial Search

Do a quick search of clinical trials in your area, targeted by biomarker and metastatic sites. You can also access a primer and get news on current MBC trials.

MBC Connect

Join our patient experience registry to share valuable information with researchers, and get automated matches to clinical trials that may be right for you.

Member Resources – Clinical Trials

Search our members’ resources for information about Clinical Trials.

Clinical Trials Checklist

To help patients who might be considering participation in a clinical trial, the Alliance has developed this Clinical Trial Checklist for Patients. Use the checklist to be sure you understand all the important information you need to make an informed decision.

View or download the Checklist below.


The Metastatic Breast Cancer Alliance envisions a world where all people living with Metastatic Breast Cancer (MBC) receive quality, individualized treatments to live long lives with a good quality of life, and where MBC is no longer a terminal illness. This Metastatic Breast Cancer Clinical Trials Landscape and Gap Analysis reflects the key elements of the mission of the MBCA to extend life, to enhance quality of life, and to end suffering and death from MBC by advancing MBC research; improving access to quality treatments and care; and empowering people through increased education and information about the disease, and access to available resources.

Read or download the report below.