Get on the Right Track to Your Best Outcome

Whether you’re newly diagnosed or experiencing a progression, it’s critical to get on the right track right away to optimize your outcome. Focusing on these three areas can help you achieve your best possible treatment and care.

The Right Team

It’s important to consult with specialists who diagnose and treat a high volume of patients with MBC. Seeking a second opinion can also help you find optimal care.

The Right Tests

It’s vital to get genetic and biomarker testing and other appropriate tests as soon as possible to identify your unique type of MBC and inform your best treatment options.

The Right Treatment

Discuss your goals with your healthcare team to determine your best treatment. Depending on your diagnosis, a targeted therapy or clinical trial may be excellent options.

Share at Every Step

Sharing data on your experiences throughout your treatment can help accelerate research on metastatic breast cancer. It’s easy to get involved by joining MBC Connect, our interactive patient experience registry that provides automated matches to clinical trials that may be right for you.

Find the Right Resources

A diagnosis of metastatic breast cancer comes with myriad needs — from understanding your diagnosis to financial matters to emotional support. Connect with education and services from our members that can help you live your best possible life after an MBC diagnosis.

The Right Track Framework is a result of the collaboration of these organizations