Get on the Right Track to Your Best Outcome

Whether you’re newly diagnosed or experiencing a progression, it’s critical to get on the right track right away to optimize your outcome. Focusing on finding the right team, the right tests and the right treatment can help you achieve your best possible care.

Right Team

It is best to consult with specialists who diagnose and treat a high volume of patients with metastatic breast cancer. You can find these specialists at places like National Cancer Institute (NCI)-designated cancer centers. [See a list of 69 cancer centers here].  Another option is to search the websites of the major university hospitals or medical centers near your home for cancer treatment.

Seeking a second opinion at any point is also highly recommended to ensure optimal care for your type of cancer. has great resources and tips on where to go and what to ask in a second opinion [Click here].

Tips from for finding a specialist for a second opinion:

  • Ask the doctor who diagnosed your metastatic breast cancer or who is treating you now
  • Search the websites of major cancer centers or medical centers in your area, or call the physician referral line
  • Target your search within the National Cancer Institute (NCI)-designated cancer centers
  • Use your network of family and friends and ask where others have been treated
  • Post a request to an online forum or support group such as the discussion boards at