The Insider’s Guide to Metastatic Breast Cancer

A Summary of the Disease and Its Treatments by Anne Loeser

The adage that “knowledge is power” is particularly compelling when dealing with issues affecting survival and quality of life.

This book was created with a single purpose: to help metastatic breast cancer (MBC) patients and their loved ones cope with a complex and difficult disease. It provides a wealth of information about approved therapies in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Australia, scientific studies, cutting edge research, symptom mitigation, clinical trials, palliative care, and more. Readers are encouraged to print and discuss relevant portions with their medical teams in order to jointly assess and decide upon optimal therapeutic approaches.

Patients wishing to read about heartwarming experiences with MBC, humorous anecdotes, or remarkable recoveries are encouraged to look elsewhere, as The Insider’s Guide to Metastatic Breast Cancer is none of these.  Instead, it is a comprehensive, current, science-based handbook that readers will leverage throughout every step of their experience.

As one reader stated, “It is a true guide for us, all trying to cope with this terrible disease. It also provides hope, as understanding more about the disease, subtypes and where to look for further information and clinical trials is so useful. I have been trying to collect and document material for 2 years now, but this is nothing compared to the extent of your Guide. Thank you so much for your research, compilation and efforts in sharing this masterpiece of work.”

The material herein has been gleaned from books, Internet sources and other metastatic breast cancer (MBC) patients.  It is not a substitute for professional medical diagnosis, treatment, or direction.

Readers are instructed to discuss potential therapies or remedies with their medical teams before taking action.

The author, a metastatic breast cancer patient, is a layperson with no medical training.  She does not advocate any specific treatment(s) or type(s) of therapies listed herein.

Although every effort has been made to offer comprehensive, precise, and fact-based information, the author makes no warranties regarding its accuracy, completeness, timeliness, comparative or controversial nature, or usefulness.

Where possible, website information regarding statistics and studies has been provided.  Therefore, patients who find something of interest are encouraged to print the appropriate section of this book along with the corresponding reference information to discuss with their physician. The PMID given in the text can be searched in PubMed by you or your physician to quickly find the referenced article.

Neither the author nor the MBC Alliance will accept any responsibility or liability for any decisions, actions, and/or treatments undertaken or avoided by the reader as the result of perusing this document.  Those who do not agree to these terms must not download this book and must read no further.  Those who proceed with reading agree to accept and abide by these terms and conditions without contest.