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Jane is a long-term cancer survivor and active advocate. While her advocacy is largely rooted in her own experiences, it is also informed by her formal training in cognitive psychology and experimental methods (Ph.D.), computer and information science (MS) and business (MBA), as well as her career experiences which included many years in academia, not-for-profit R&D, corporate senior management and independent consulting.


Much of her advocacy has focused on clinical trials–ensuring that the patient voice is considered in selection of research questions and design of trial protocols that are sensitive to patient issues. She is especially interested in innovative trial designs that can speed new treatments to patients who need them.


Jane has also been involved in health advocacy beyond cancer working with many government and not-for profit organizations. Jane has developed and delivered a variety of advocacy training, and is often asked to present the patient/advocate perspective at professional meetings.


Thought Leader Interviews and Survey on the Current Landscape of MBC

Thought Leader Interviews and Survey on the Current Landscape of MBC includes quantitative and qualitative research focused on recent advances in MBC research, near-term impacts, new treatments, clinical trials, new technologies, roles for advocates in MBC research, and roles for the MBCA.

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