Landscape Analysis Update II

MBC Research Funding Update

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Landscape Analysis Update II: MBC Research Funding Update

As in the original analysis, the research grant analysis in 2021 and subsequent years will help to identify gaps in research and opportunities for future Alliance resource allocation and provide insight into new drug targets or potential targets poised for development and clinical translation that may further inform Alliance priorities or activities.

Update: Research Funding Analysis Poster

Click on the image to the right to explore the poster presented at SABCS 2023.

The objectives of this project are to:

  1. Develop a tool to identify metastatic grants, create a database, and classify the grants for analyses according to metastatic stage (e.g., tumor invasion, metastatic colonization), subtype (e.g., ER+, ER-, TN, HER2+, Other, Not Specified), sites of metastasis (e.g., brain), etc.
  2. Leverage this tool to provide evidence-based data to support continued investment in MBC research for use by Alliance members in communication to constituents and donors. This will include establishing the benchmark (for the most recently funded grant cycles) of the current status of research in MBC for comparison for future year analyses.
  3. Leverage this tool for periodic analyses (e.g., yearly or every other year) using information on research grants awarded by most major cancer and biomedical research funding organizations that include basic research grants extracted from the International Cancer Research Partnership database, the Health Research Alliance database, as well as individual MBCA member funding organizations whose grants are not included in either the HRA or ICRP databases.


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