MBC Alliance Develops a Call-to-Action for Research on Exceptional Responders

Moonshots and Metastatic Disease

One topic that arose on the MBC Alliance Research Task Force as the Alliance moved from conducting the Landscape Analysis to actionable projects to advance research was a series of discussions on the need for more research to be conducted on patients with an exceptionally long response, or unusually poor response to therapy, what we are calling “atypical responses”. Anne Loeser, an MBC patient active on the Research Task Force, suggested the Alliance research the landscape of “exceptional responders” research. The result was the development of an Alliance perspective and opinion piece that represents a call-to-action to researchers to study those people living with metastatic breast cancer who have an exceptional response.

Our Alliance opinion piece and perspective manuscript entitled “Moonshots and metastatic disease: the need for a multi-faceted approach when studying atypical responders” was published in npj Breast Cancer on March 16, 2017.

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