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Tigerlily Foundation is a national breast cancer foundation providing education, awareness, advocacy and hands-on support to young women (15-45) – before, during and after breast cancer.


To educate, advocate for, empower, and support young women, before, during and after breast cancer.


We envision a future where breast cancer diagnosis doesn’t inspire fear, but ignites hope for a future because: We can inspire young women diagnosed with breast cancer to transform inside and out as they journey through treatment to live their best life going forward. We empower young women to be advocates for change Breast cancer will no longer be a terminal disease, but become a chronic disease that will someday be cured. We will end disparities – of age, stage and color, in our lifetime.

Through our programs, we seek to educate and empower women of all backgrounds, including those at heightened risk, those facing health disparities, and those with less access to care. We strive to improve the quality of life and end isolation among breast cancer survivors. Most importantly, we encourage and endeavor to empower fearless females in every stage of their journey, and to show them that they are not or alone, but are beautiful, strong like the tiger and the lily, and that they can be transformed – during and after breast cancer

Tigerlily Foundation PROGRAMS & RESOURCES


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Education & AwarenessResources & Information

My Life is My Legacy

The My Life is My Legacy program provides education, advocacy and empowerment to young women living with MBC. Through our #MyLifeIsMyLegacy campaign, we launched a global campaign in October 2020, with 12 videos highlighting the perspectives of early-stage patients, MBC patients, caregivers, healthcare providers, researchers, family members, and a diverse community of people affected by MBC.

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Education & AwarenessTraining

ANGEL Advocacy

We are committed to mobilizing our community of young women, caregivers, and loved ones to transform lives and recognize that we must Advocate Now to Grow, Empower & Lead through the ANGEL Advocacy Program that provides comprehensive training for women of color between the ages of 21 and 50, who have been impacted by breast cancer – either by their own diagnosis or through a loved one.

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Education & AwarenessSupport & CounselingOnline Support

#KnowMoreDisparities and #PullUpASeat

#KnowMoreDisparities and #PullUpASeat are monthly conversations that shine a light on the experiences of Black women with breast cancer. Our mission is to leave each participant with tools that provide a tangible way to end a barrier for patients of color; as well as to educate allies community and provide them with a deeper understanding of how to support, engage and collaborate with patients.

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Education & AwarenessPolicy


The #InclusionPledge provides a transparent and tangible framework across stakeholders to identify and track equity actions, holding organizations accountable to making specific, measurable outcomes that will result in dismantling systemic barriers and co-creating solutions that will result in health equity for Black women and end disparities in our lifetime.

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Support & CounselingIntegrative Oncology

Pure Cat

Our Pure Cat Initiative was launched in honor of Catherine Odderstol, a sassy yogi, who danced through life and who left us the gift of her eternal gypsy soul. Cat was dedicated to helping others have a mind, body, spirit approach to health and wellness. These programs include self-care such as yoga, pilates, fitness, dance classes, sound bath, meditation and prayer groups.

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Education & AwarenessClinical Trials

Clinical Trials

Tigerlily Foundation’s Clinical Trials Program is a transformational initiative to accelerate the delivery of innovative treatments to our patients, with a strategic focus on populations that are facing the highest disparities.

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