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Residing in a rural area since 2017 has sparked my desire to provide a service to those diagnosed with breast cancer. It was in 2018 that the side effects of cancer treatments took hold and altered my life. With no where to turn for help, online research for hundred of hours provided the information, resources and support I needed to get through the rough patch. Now providing the information to empower others with knowledge to make better decisions for treatment and survivorship. Black men and women with MBC in these areas are important as our voices are usually overlooked, ignored, shamed or forgotten but no more. We want to be there for decisions about care, we want to be involved in clinical trials, decisions being made about how our bodies react to treatment and the cancer itself. We want to know. A member of  the MBCA Executive Group, I am project lead on the BECOME (Black Experience of Clinical Trial and Opportunities for Meaningful Engagement) initiative, an LBBC Helpline/HMV volunteer, a SG Komen AIS volunteer and many more. As a valued member of several efforts in the community in which I live, I want to say that mental health is important and shouldn’t be discounted or dismissed. I want to help—to be there and to say that no one should go through this alone.



Tissue Donation

As highlighted at the Metastatic Breast Cancer Research Conference 2023, people living with MBC can provide hope for other people with MBC by donating their tissue to research after they die. Tissue donation can be done by arranging a rapid autopsy in advance. The research team works with MBC patients and their families to provide support about this difficult topic and make arrangements.

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Education & AwarenessClinical Trials


The BECOME (Black Experience of Clinical Trials & Opportunities for Meaningful Engagement) Research Project aims to better represent Blacks and other minorities in cancer research by increasing diversity in access to clinical trials for MBC.

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