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While receiving treatment for hormone receptor positive breast cancer in December 2013, Roberta noticed there was a disconnect regarding the outcomes of underrepresented communities. To be part of the solution, she became a Young Women’s Advocate via Living Beyond Breast Cancer in September 2015.


Roberta has worked and continues to work with numerous advocacy organizations, including The Chrysalis Initiative, American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network and the National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship to name a few. She currently serves as a patient advocate (research advocate-breast committee) for SWOG Cancer Research Network.


Roberta is the Founder/CEO of Cancer In The Know, focusing on the impact disparities have in the Black/African American community and is a contributing author of Bruised, Broken & Blessed.   


Education & Awareness

Cancer In The Know

At Cancer In The Know, it is our mission to build community and provide empowerment with trusted education and valuable information. Our specific focus is on breast cancer and the impact in the Black/African American community. Here we will share the latest information and resources such as conferences, educational webinars, and advocacy opportunities.

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