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Lynda has been living with MBC since 2013 and is an experienced patient advocate living in Seattle. She co-founded and co-chaired the Northwest MBC Conference from 2016-2020, hosted by Amazon. She also serves on the Executive Group of the MBC Alliance, and has completed multiple advocate training programs through the MBC Alliance, Living Beyond Breast Cancer and Research Advocacy Network. Lynda also co-founded an MBC Patient Advisory Group to Komen National which has been active for 4 years. Lynda was first diagnosed in 2001 with Stage 0 DCIS and underwent bilateral mastectomy. In 2013, Lynda learned that that primary cancer had spread throughout her skeleton, to the brain, and to a particularly painful facial nerve. She has had two rounds of Gamma Knife, radiation to the spine, multiple systemic hormone therapies, and chemotherapy. She is passionate about making MBC *survivable* – especially in the young women and mothers and the brain mets patient populations. Working collaboratively, Lynda works across industry, non-profits and clinical organizations to elevate unmet needs in MBC wherever possible.


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Breast Cancer Brain Metastasis Initiative: The Marina Kaplan Project

BCBM Initiative: The Marina Kaplan Project aims to accelerate urgently-needed research on breast cancer brain metastasis through advocating for increased funding, collaborating with leading researchers, and influencing key stakeholders.

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As a one-stop resource hub for breast cancer patients living with brain metastasis, we are committed to sharing cutting-edge information and resources in a simple format. Curated by fellow patients and supported by nonprofit funding, our mission is to connect you to knowledge and support tailored specifically to your needs.

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