Lilly strives to create and deliver innovative medicines that enable people to live longer, healthier and more active lives. As a component of this goal, Lilly is committed to supporting projects that promote excellence in patient care and provide valuable information to the medical and patient advocacy communities.


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How Lilly is doing more to help

Lilly created the More for MBC initiative with the aim of increasing support for people living with MBC. We partnered with leaders in the MBC community to commission a national survey of patients, friends, family, and health care providers to better understand the daily challenges of living with MBC with a goal of addressing these challenges through education, research, and dedicated solutions.

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The Impact of collaboration

More needs to be done to meet the emotional, social, physical and treatment needs of people living with MBC — but it cannot be done alone. Lilly is steadfast in its commitment and the power of collaboration to bring positive change for the MBC community.

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Education & AwarenessSocial Media

Join the conversation

The More For MBC Facebook page aims to provide a supportive space and platform for people living with MBC, as well as advocates and families who are champions of doing more for MBC, to engage.

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Lilly Oncology is committed to helping you receive the care you need

Through the Lilly Oncology Support Center, we strive to offer personalized treatment support for eligible patients in the US prescribed a Lilly Oncology product. For those who qualify, we can help with understanding insurance coverage and review of financial-assistance options, including savings card programs and independent patient-assistance foundations.

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People living with cancer are at the center of what we do

At Lilly, we are dedicated to developing and delivering innovative new medicines that will make a meaningful difference to people living with cancer. For us, this means putting an intense focus on the latest scientific advances, and collaborating with doctors, other researchers, advocates, and payers to ensure our medicines bring value to people living with cancer.

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Clinical Trials

Why participate in a clinical trial? Finding new and improved medicines is possible only through the help of people like you. Every clinical trial participant provides valuable information that might help improve medical research and knowledge.

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