NONPROFIT MEMBER: Know Your Lemons Foundation

The Know Your Lemons Foundation’s mission is to improve early detection of breast cancer worldwide through creative and empowering education. We do this through three initiatives: our early detection app, classes taught by trained volunteer educators, and our global campaign available on social, in print, and online in over 30 languages. Our vision is a world where fewer women and men are diagnosed with breast cancer at late stages, because they can more easily recognize and report symptoms, and when no symptoms are apparent, get screened for breast cancer. We make information beautiful and accessible to a wide and diverse audience. We overcome the barriers of taboo, fear and literacy that have held breast cancer ‘awareness’ back for decades. We are friendly, accessible, and inclusive.

Know Your Lemons Foundation PROGRAMS & RESOURCES

Education & Awareness

Global Educator Program

We train volunteers through an online course to teach about breast health in their local community. Learn breast health basics, get teaching tools, and become part of a global community of over 800 trained “Lemonistas.”

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