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Katie is a passionate breast cancer advocate with more than two decades of experience in the medical field as a pediatric occupational therapist. She has been focusing on patient advocacy for breast cancer since 2017. Katie was diagnosed with triple positive metastatic breast cancer de novo in 2016 at the age 40 during her first mammogram. Breast cancer was initially in her right breast, liver and spine. She is currently NEAD and on first line treatment.


Katie volunteers with Little Pink Houses of Hope leading yearly retreats for families going through breast cancer. She has attended the National Breast Cancer Coalition, Project Lead and Living Beyond Breast Cancer, Hear My Voice Advocate Program. She is a Komen Advocate in Science, a consumer reviewer for the DOD and is a patient advocate on a few research studies. Currently, She sits on two different workgroup committees in Michigan through MDHHS Program for Young Persons with Breast Cancer, is the secretary for the Michigan Breast Cancer Coalition and a mentor for GRASP (Guiding Researchers and Advocates to Scientific Partnerships). Her passion is to support research that is patient centered and cutting edge. It is important that people living with breast cancer, the actual stakeholders, have a seat at the table. Most importantly, she wants to ensure that research is accessible and inclusive to ALL people living with breast cancer.


Katie has been happily married for 20 years and is raising two beautiful teenagers. When not busy with all that life is sending her way Katie enjoys traveling, watercolor painting, scrapbooking and attending Broadway musicals.


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Little Pink Houses of Hope

Little Pink Houses of Hope empowers breast cancer patients and families to live each day to the fullest, with direction, purpose, and hope for the cancer journey. We accomplish this through free, week-long vacation retreats.

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GRASP (Guiding Researchers & Advocates to Scientific Partnerships)

GRASP empowers patients and researchers to exchange ideas and learn from each other. When patient advocates can inform the research process, we can drive more meaningful and fundable research that improves survival outcomes for breast cancer patients

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