Hope Scarves is an international nonprofit organization based in Louisville, Kentucky with the mission to support people facing cancer through scarves, stories and research. Since our founding in 2012, Hope Scarves has shared over 20,000 scarves and stories with cancer survivors in all 50 states and 30 countries. Our oldest recipient is 97, our youngest just 10 months old. Furthermore, we have donated $925,000 to metastatic breast cancer research, all matched 1:1 by anonymous donors for a $1.85 million dollar impact to help extend the lives of those facing MBC.


Support & Counseling

Sharing Scarves and Stories Supporting Those Facing MBC

Hope Scarves shares scarves and stories with those facing all types of cancer, including metastatic breast cancer. Are you in active treatment? Request a scarf for yourself regardless of hair loss. Or, share your own story, and/or scarf, and send hope to another newly diagnosed with MBC.

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Metastatic Breast Cancer Research

In 2015 Hope Scarves established a Metastatic Breast Cancer Research Fund. A percentage of every dollar donated to Hope Scarves goes toward research. Or, one can give directly to this fund and 100% of the donation will go toward research. To date, Hope Scarves has given $925,000 to support research and clinical trials, all matched 1:1 by anonymous donors for a $1.85 million dollar impact.

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