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The Chrysalis Initiative exists to disrupt outcome disparities within breast cancer, so every patient receives the care they deserve. By providing patients with mentoring and resource navigation and equipping Black women (and other disparate groups) with the opportunity and education to assess their breast cancer risk, we are closing the gap one story at a time.

In addition to supporting patients with breast cancer, The Chrysalis Cancer Curriculum Provider Training challenges institutional realities with evidence-based strategies to guide providers as they reshape their paradigms and improve their practices to eradicate treatment disparities.

Chrysalis Initiative PROGRAMS & RESOURCES


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Support & CounselingHelpline

One-on-One Coaching

Chrysalis Cancer Coaching Curriculum is designed to ensure a patient’s knowledge of a comprehensive model for optimal cancer care. Our one-on-one coaching is tailored to your individual needs based on where you are in your breast cancer journey. You don’t have to do this alone.

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Education & AwarenessResources & InformationTraining

Virtual Learning Modules

The Virtual Learning Modules are a learning management system with program materials, including PowerPoint presentations, handouts, and interactive participant materials for Chrysalis Cancer Curriculum.

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Education & AwarenessSupport & Counseling

BC Navi App

BC Navi (Breast Cancer Navigation) is closing the healthcare gap for Black women by providing the necessary tools to recognize and address racism in the healthcare industry. Using these resources, we can work together to hold healthcare providers accountable and make sure every patient receives the care they deserve.

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Education & AwarenessTraining

Provider Training & Education

The Chrysalis Cancer Curriculum Training for oncology nurse navigators and medical professionals within cancer teams on a comprehensive cancer model are designed to ensure that cancer care support teams are knowledgeable about all the aspects integral to optimal cancer care including the unique needs of patients vulnerable to disparities.

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