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Medical Information & Peer Support Community

We provide trusted, easy to understand, and actionable information and support to people with Metastatic Breast Cancer. People count on us for free access to the latest research news, tailored information, and connections to a supportive digital community of patients and caregivers.

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Education & AwarenessClinical Trials

Clinical Trials Education

Clinical trials are carefully designed research studies that depend on human volunteers to improve medical care over time, and virtually every treatment we have today for cancer (and other diseases) was first tested in clinical trials — which is why it's so important for people to participate.

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When We Tri(al)

Black women are drastically underrepresented in clinical trials, and as a result, too many Black women are missing out on access to newly emerging and often life-extending treatments. When We Tri(al) is focused on the urgent need to end these disparities.

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