NONPROFIT MEMBER: Angelmira's Center for Women with Advanced Cancer

Angelmira’s Center for Women with Advanced Cancer is a nonprofit whose mission is to help women diagnosed with advanced/metastatic cancer improve their quality of life and outcomes through education, companionship, scientific research and integrative support. We help women and their families who are facing advanced/metastatic cancer better understand their diagnosis and find financial resources available for them. In the Greater Houston area, we also provide assistance with gas or grocery gift cards, transportation and meals for those who need them.

Angelmira's Center for Women with Advanced Cancer PROGRAMS & RESOURCES

Clinical TrialsFinancial ResourcesSupport & Counseling

Patient Navigation

We help women with advanced cancer understand their disease, the opportunities for medical services (including availability of clinical trials for their specific disease) and the challenges faced. We help each woman along the journey through education, support, transportation and companionship. We also help women identify financial and other resources available to them.

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In-Person SupportIntegrative OncologyOnline Support

Activities to Enhance Quality of Life

We promote activities and help women identify ways that may help improve their mental, physical and emotional well-being so they feel better and remain engaged as they battle with advanced cancer

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Resources & InformationSupport & CounselingHelpline

End of Life Resources

We help women with advanced cancer when standard of care therapies have failed by providing resources available for this stage of their journey, educating them about their options, legal documents required and providing companionship as needed.

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Resources & InformationResearch

Scientific Research

We conduct patient-centered scientific research to explore new ways to complement or improve outcomes of standard of care oncology therapies. We also collaborate with medical professionals and researchers in understanding factors that affect quality of life and survival outcomes of women with advanced cancer.

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