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Allen Pannell is a lecturer in Business Analytics and Statistics Department. Pannell is the Amy Foster Memorial Research Fellow, focusing on metastatic breast cancer. His primary research focuses on the impact of discordant tumor receptors in recurrent MBC. Pannell is the cofounder of, a breast cancer support community. Pannell’s early career consisted of working with major corporations to improve business performance utilizing statistical methods and the scientific process. Pannell received his B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. in Statistics from the University of Tennessee. He holds a Six Sigma Master Black Belt certification. He was voted Outstanding Faculty by Aerospace and Defense MBA students.


Clinical Trials


I am designing a pragmatic randomized phase 3 clinical trial to determine the best strategy to determine the first-line treatment plan when the receptor status of a relapsed metastatic breast cancer tumor is discordant with the original primary tumor. Currently, there is no data to inform this decision. Observational data suggests this decision could impact 1-4 years of median life expectancy.

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