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Abigail lives in Orlando, Florida and has been a licensed attorney since 2002. In 2017, while tandem breastfeeding her children (then 1 and 3), Abigail was diagnosed with de novo Stage IV Metastatic Breast Cancer (MBC). Since 2017, Abigail has focused her efforts on patient advocacy and supporting those people in the MBC Community through her experience and training.


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Project Life

As the Director of Mentorship for Project Life, I train MBC mentors, interview prospective MBC mentees, make matches between mentors and mentees, and support participants. Additionally, based on the significant need in the MBC Community to find purpose in the midst of adversity, we train advocates, place them in volunteer roles and provide advocates with mentors through Advocacy Bootcamps.

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CaregiversEducation & AwarenessNewly DiagnosedSupport & CounselingIntegrative OncologyWellness

Through targeted programming provides education, connection and support to those in the MBC Community. I lead the MBC Leadership Committee and the MBC Webinar Series.

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CaregiversEducation & AwarenessNewly DiagnosedPolicySupport & Counseling

FORCE Volunteer and PAL

FORCE is focused on those of us who have a hereditary predisposition to cancer. I am a policy/legislative advocate as well as helping moderate the Beyond BRCA support group, focused on those with genetic mutations outside of Lynch and BRCA.

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