NONPROFIT MEMBER: Male Breast Cancer Global Alliance

The Male Breast Cancer Global Alliance brings men with breast cancer together with researchers, clinicians and oncologists around the world for the purpose of advancing research, clinical trials and treatments for men diagnosed with breast cancer. Our mission is to advocate for all men diagnosed with breast cancer to ensure they receive equal access to support and treatment; to serve as a source of support and resources for the men, their caregivers, and their families; to ensure that men are appropriately represented in research and clinical trials, and to recruit volunteer “ambassadors” to increase awareness of breast cancer in men on a global scale.

Specifically, the MBCGA:

• actively and passionately fights for men to be considered and included in breast cancer-related research and clinical trials;
• continually engages in legislative advocacy work at the state and federal levels to ensure that men have equal access to diagnostic and treatment care;
• trains and develops hundreds of MBCGA survivor representatives who assist with advocacy work and help educate diverse audiences on a global scale;
• forges and fosters relationships between “like-minded” researchers around the world to facilitate collaborative efforts toward developing life-saving treatments for breast cancer and metastatic disease; and
• attends major annual conferences to keep abreast of scientific developments in the field of oncology and breast cancer.

Male Breast Cancer Global Alliance PROGRAMS & RESOURCES

Conferences & Workshops

MBCGA Annual Conference

The MBCG Annual Conference connects male survivors, their families, friends and supporters with medical professionals and organizations from all over the world who impart the latest information on research and clinical trials, and answer questions one-on-one. The conference, which focuses on increasing awareness and education about breast cancer in men, offers an impressive line-up of speakers.

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