Pharmaceutical and biotech companies committed to the mission and vision of the Alliance and to pro-actively planning and executing initiatives including contributing necessary time and talent resources – as well as financial support – have the opportunity to join the Alliance.

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Responsibilities (depending on membership category) include:

  • Contributing to implementing and monitoring activities derived from the MBC Landscape Analysis
  • Attending Alliance meetings via video conference and in person. Wherever possible, in-person meetings will coincide with other breast cancer conferences, e.g., SABCS, ASCO
  • Sharing knowledge and information on research, lessons learned, success stories, case studies, program results and policy approaches to help accelerate actions to meet the needs of MBC patients
  • Supporting Alliance activities, which can include direct and indirect funding for MBC initiatives, technical expertise, staff time, and assistance with social media and networking
  • Actively participating on Alliance Working Groups or project subcommittees

Membership applications are reviewed based on:

  • Desire and willingness, as an organization, to endorse, promote and support the values, general principles and activities of the Alliance as reflected in its vision, mission, and goals
  • Demonstrated engagement in cancer advocacy
  • Commitment to working collaboratively and cooperatively with other Alliance members

Decision Process

To begin the membership process, please complete and submit the Membership Application form below.
The Executive Group (the governing body of the Alliance) meets every six weeks. Once your application form has been submitted, unless additional information is required, you should expect to hear from us regarding a decision within two months.