Both individuals living with the disease and independent patient advocates committed to the mission and vision of the Alliance and to pro-actively planning and executing initiatives including contributing necessary time and talent resources have the opportunity to join the Alliance.

Individuals are not required to make a financial commitment of any kind to join the Alliance. Activities of the Alliance that require funding are supported by the unrestricted financial contributions of the pharmaceutical and biotech members.

PLEASE NOTE: Applications are accepted only from residents of the United States. Advocates living outside the U.S. may consider applying for membership in the Advanced Breast Cancer Global Alliance (ABCGA).

Responsibilities include:

  • Understanding and supporting the mission and objectives of the MBC Alliance as described in the Landscape Analysis published by the Alliance in 2014
  • Staying current on patient concerns, issues, and interests as they relate to metastatic breast cancer
  • Responding, after reflection and discussion among the other individual members, with a unified patient perspective to Alliance initiatives
  • Submitting new ideas or initiatives to the Alliance leadership team for consideration. Such ideas or initiatives should further the mission and objectives of the Alliance
  • Offering recommendations which will enhance Alliance written or website communications to both the metastatic breast cancer community and the public
  • Acting as Alliance Patient Ambassadors to promote the mission and initiatives of the Alliance to MBC patient advocate groups and MBC individuals via personal social media channels or blogs
  • Actively participating in Alliance Working Groups or project subcommittees

Membership applications are reviewed based on:

  • Demonstrated pro-active interest/expertise in patient advocacy work
  • Professional/personal skills that can be leveraged by the MBC Alliance to support the Metastatic Breast Cancer Community
  • Ability and commitment to support the MBC Alliance’s mission and objectives

Decision Process

To begin the membership process, please complete and submit the Membership Application form below.

Applications for individuals are considered four times per year, at the first quarterly meeting of the Executive Group (the governing body of the Alliance) – after January 1, April 1, July 1, or October 1. Unless additional information is required, you should expect to hear from us regarding a decision within three months of your submission.