Metastatic Breast Cancer Alliance

We are an advocate-led alliance of organizations and individuals working together to transform and improve the lives of people living with metastatic breast cancer. We are increasing awareness and education about the disease and advancing policy and research specifically focused on metastasis that has the potential to extend life, enhance quality of life and ultimately to cure.

  • Worldwide Deaths

    Metastasis is the cause of virtually all breast cancer deaths worldwide

    Worldwide Deaths
  • 40,000

    Each year ~40,000 women & men will die of metastatic breast cancer (MBC) in the US

  • Incurable

    While treatable, metastatic breast cancer remains incurable

  • Spread

    MBC is breast cancer that has spread beyond the breast and the lymph nodes under the arm. Most common sites are bones, lungs, brain and liver

  • 6-10

    Metastatic (Stage IV) breast cancer is the initial diagnosis for 6-10% of all new U.S. cases each year

  • Question Mark

    Statistics are not collected for metastatic recurrences which make up the larger portion of MBC cases. However, it is estimated that between 20-30% of early stage breast cancer patients will experience a recurrence.

    Question Mark

DeAngelo Williams Joins Metastatic Breast Cancer Alliance to Launch New Report

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