Your Path to Precision Resources & Treatment


When faced with a complex diagnosis like metastatic breast cancer (MBC), it is critical to connect early with patient-focused organizations like the advocate members of the Metastatic Breast Cancer Alliance (MBCA). They are focused on providing information and services that will help you optimize outcomes, and they will help you create your path to Precision Medicine and Treatment.

Right Team

It is best to consult with specialists who diagnose and treat a high volume of patients with metastatic breast cancer. You can find these specialists at places like National Cancer Institute (NCI)-designated cancer centers [Find a list of 69 centers here].  Another option is to search the websites of the major university hospitals or medical centers nearby your home for cancer treatment. Seeking a second opinion at any point is also highly recommended to ensure optimal care for your type of cancer. has great resources and tips on where to go and what to ask in a second opinion [Click here].

Right Tests

Every case of cancer is different. Know your type of metastatic breast cancer and understand your pathology report. The right tests can help you quickly obtain a specific diagnosis and a more accurate treatment approach. It is vital to have a biopsy of your metastatic tumor and appropriate genomic and histological testing of the tumor, as well as all other appropriate tests as early as possible to help determine your best treatment options. Seeking a second opinion to verify your diagnosis or to ask if you need additional tests that would inform treatment is a wise course of action.

Right Treatment

With the right team and right tests, you have what you need to find the best treatment for your specific diagnosis and access the highest quality of care. Find here a guide, created by the MBC Network, with advice from patients living with MBC along with guidance on treatment decisions. You can also learn about different MBC Stage IV treatment options here. Discuss your treatment goals with your healthcare team and know all of your options at every stage of your disease. Discuss with your doctor if a targeted therapy is approved for your type of MBC. Depending on your diagnosis, a clinical trial may be an excellent option. Find MBC-specific clinical trials at Metastatic Trial Search and discuss them with your healthcare provider.

Share at Every Step

Join MBC Connect™, the MBC Alliance’s interactive MBC Patient Registry.
Raise your hand as a patient and get involved as a partner in research. Share your data throughout your treatment. Your specific information and experiences can help you and other patients like you by accelerating research. The more data we collect, the more answers we can provide. (Coming soon. Join the email list here to receive updates and be notified when the registry has launched!)

Right Resources

A diagnosis of MBC comes with myriad needs – from education about and understanding of your MBC diagnosis, to financial matters, to emotional support needs. Get the Facts about metastatic breast cancer. Find the right resources to help you and your loved ones live the best possible life after an MBC diagnosis.