What Do I Do Now?

The "Right Track"

“What do I do now?”

With metastatic breast cancer, the choices you make now can make a difference for your tomorrows. We can help you get on the right track right away—seeing the right team, having the right tests, and getting the right treatment, right from the start.


A diagnosis like metastatic breast cancer (MBC) is easier when you connect with patient-focused organizations like the advocate members of the Metastatic Breast Cancer Alliance. Information and services that keep you front-and-center matter early in your life with MBC and as you live with it. We’ll help you get onto the right path to Precision Care wherever you are.

  • Consult an oncologist who diagnoses and treats a high volume of people with MBC. Find one at National Cancer Institute (NCl)-designated and university-affiliated cancer centers
  • Seeking a second opinion at any point is highly recommended. This will help you find the optimal care for your specific breast cancer
  • Learn how to advocate for your care with “Being Your Own Best Advocate” at mbcalliance.org/flipbook-mbcn
  • The right tests lead to the right treatment approach for you
  • Know your unique type of MBC and ask your doctor to explain your pathology report
  • It is vital to have a biopsy of your metastatic tumor. Request genomic and histological testing of it, as well as other appropriate tests, as early as possible to help determine your best treatment options
  • Discuss your treatment goals with your healthcare team
  • With the right team and right tests, you can find the best treatment for your specific MBC and the highest quality of care
  • A clinical trial may be an excellent option. Find MSC-specific trials at MetastaticTrialSearch.org or join MBC Connect and receive targeted matches that you can discuss with your oncologist
  • Become a partner in research by joining MBC Connect, the MBC Alliance’s interactive Patient Experience Registry
  • Share your data throughout your treatment
  • Your specific information and experiences can help you and other patients like you by accelerating research
  • Go to www.mbcconnect.org and join the Registry

A diagnosis of metastatic breast cancer comes with myriad needs from day one—from understanding your diagnosis to financial matters to emotional support. Get the facts about MBC. We’ll help you find the right resources so you and your loved ones live the best possible life after an MBC diagnosis.

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The Right Track Framework is a result of the collaboration of these organizations