Right Tests

Every case of cancer is different. Know your type of metastatic breast cancer and understand your pathology report. The right tests can help you quickly obtain a specific diagnosis and a more accurate treatment approach. It is vital to have a biopsy of your metastatic tumor and appropriate genomic and biomarker testing of the tumor, as well as all other appropriate tests as early as possible to help determine your best treatment options.

MBC Alliance members Living Beyond Breast Cancer and MBC Network partnered to create a guide specifically for newly diagnosed patients. The Metastatic Breast Cancer Series: Guide for the Newly Diagnosed will give you the information and support you need to make informed decisions about your treatment and to manage your emotions during the first few months after a metastatic diagnosis.

Section 2 of the Guide explains metastatic breast cancer and understanding the different types of breast cancer and the medical tests you might experience, based on your unique case.

Seeking a second opinion to verify your diagnosis, or to ask if you need additional tests that would inform treatment, is a wise course of action. BreastCancer.org has great resources and tips on where to go and what to ask in a second opinion [click here].