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Lisa is the creator and Host of the Our MBC Life Podcast from SHARE Cancer Support. Originally from Barrie, Ontario Canada but has lived most of her adult life in Asia, Europe, and now the U.S. Lisa worked for 10 years internationally followed by work as a business and economic development professional before becoming a clinical therapist focused on the treatment of children and families. When she was diagnosed de novo MBC with ER+HER2- in August 2017, Lisa became the 4th generation in her family to be diagnosed with breast cancer but the only one to be diagnosed at Stage 4. She is currently on her fifth line of treatment and has participated in two clinical trials.


Since her diagnosis, Lisa has worked to use her skills assisting others living with this disease through fundraising initiatives with The Cancer Couch Foundation, notably the #Reason4FreezinMBC campaign, along with support groups and webinars with SHARE Cancer Support. In July 2020, Lisa created the Our MBC Life Podcast at the height of the global pandemic in an effort to provide a platform for people living with MBC to tell their stories and to amplify the issues that we all still face with the experts who help make our lives better. The podcast’s first season released 28 episodes covering racial disparities in treatment for people of color living with MBC, brain mets, parenting and working with MBC, research and funding, male breast cancer, and many other issues impacting our community. Season 2 launched on March 1, 2021, and covers MBC outliers, clinical trials, policy and legislation, Latinx issues, LGTBQ issues, grief and palliative care, mental health, and more. She is proud that the Our MBC Life podcast is run by a diverse and talented group of people living with MBC. It is truly a podcast for us, by us. In 2019, Lisa joined the Metastatic Breast CancerAlliance (MBCA) and is now the Co-Chair of the MBCA Awareness Task Force working on the Here All Year awareness campaign.


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Our MBC Life Podcast

Amplifying voices, sharing realities. This is Our MBC Life. A podcast dedicated to exploring life with metastatic breast cancer from the perspective of us, the people living with this disease and the experts who partner with us to help make our lives better. Brought to you by SHARE Cancer Support where we believe no one should face MBC alone.

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