Travel Scholarships Available for Advocates – MBC Conference 2018

There is a limited number of travel scholarships available for patient advocates who need assistance to attend the Metastatic Breast Cancer Conference on November 15 & 16 in Baltimore, MD.* This is a Medical Conference with high level scientific content, however, we will also offer a limited program for advocates. It is

Introducing Metastatic Trial Talk plus the re-designed Metastatic Trial Search

Looking for a clinical trial? BreastCancerTrials.org recently launched an upgraded version of Metastatic Trial Search (MTS) with improved search and filtering options. Now patients have even more customizable options for finding clinical trials. BCT also just launched Metastatic Trial Talk (MTT), a new companion application that provides patients with carefully selected news and

Komen Chicago Holds First MBC Conference

Susan G. Komen® Chicago held their first MBC Conference March 8, 2018 with about 200 individuals attending in person or via livestream. The conference included a keynote address from Komen Scholar and Johns Hopkins researcher Dr. Ben Ho Park with breakouts on TNBC, ER+ and HER2+ MBC; a MBC patient

New Program Coming from SHARE Cancer Support

  SHARE is working with a focus group of women living with metastatic disease to create an app that will help them identify their treatment goals and help their doctors better understand who they are as people. Stay tuned for its release later this year!

New Resources from BreastCancer.org

If you’ve been diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer, there are a number of ways to improve communication with your healthcare team and ensure that you’re getting the support that you need. In this video series, Timothy J. Pluard, M.D. and Savannah Geske, Ph.D. of Saint Luke’s Cancer Institute explain several
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At Sharsheret, we know that women living with metastatic breast cancer (stage IV or advanced breast cancer – breast cancer that has spread beyond the breast to other organs in the body) need specialized resources. We can help with our free kits and materials tailored just for you. To receive

BEYOND MOONSHOTS AND METASTATIC DISEASE – Expanded Atypical Responders Analysis

Researchers in clinical oncology and other domains generally focus on results encompassing a statistical mean with little attention to patients undergoing investigational or standard therapies who respond considerably better or worse than the norm.

NCI awards Dr. Ruth Etzioni 5-year grant to fill gaps in cancer-recurrence data

What proportion of MBC patients are de novo vs recurrent? Currently, the Surveillance, Epidemiology and End Results Program, or SEER, provides extensive information regarding cancer diagnosis and some data regarding primary treatment and survival, but it does not collect information on metastatic cancer recurrence.

New Study Identifies Differential Outcomes in De Novo and Recurrent Metastatic Breast Cancer

NEW YORK, Oct 27, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — A retrospective analysis, reported in the journal Breast Cancer Research and Treatment, of more than 8,189 women with invasive breast cancer and 1,158 women diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer (MBC) between 1990 and 2010 identified differences in tumor characteristics and survival due to breast cancer

Free Webinar – Applying for Social Security Disability

Metastatic breast cancer makes you “presumptively eligible” for disability benefits from the Social Security Administration (SSA) through their Compassionate Allowances Program, but it is not a guarantee. You still need to apply and meet the SSA’s technical qualification rules which include strict financial limits for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and/or work credit

What are the gaps in MBC research today? MBCA Think Tank Findings Published in AACR Cancer Research

In January 2016, the Metastatic Breast Cancer Alliance (the Alliance) convened a think tank of stakeholders from academia, government, industry, and patient advocacy to discuss gaps and opportunities in clinical and translational research in metastatic breast cancer.

ASCO Early Highlights – Sunday, June 4

The American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) is hosting more than 35,000 cancer researchers, doctors, patient advocates and industry representatives from around the world in Chicago for their  55th annual meeting. Much anticipated new data is being presented relevant to breast cancer, and particularly, metastatic breast cancer.

How many women are living today with metastatic breast cancer?

More than 150,000, new study shows. The number of women living with MBC is increasing. The lack of robust epidemiological statistics on the number of people living with metastatic breast cancer (MBC) was highlighted as one of many critical gaps to making advances for MBC in our Landscape Report.

MBC Alliance Develops a Call-to-Action for Research on Exceptional Responders

Moonshots and Metastatic Disease One topic that arose on the MBC Alliance Research Task Force as the Alliance moved from conducting the Landscape Analysis to actionable projects to advance research was a series of discussions on the need for more research to be conducted on patients with an exceptionally long response, or

MBC Alliance Tells Its Story

With the expert help of author and journalist Sunny Sea Gold, the “story” of the beginnings of the Alliance is now available for distribution. Including interviews with and case studies of some of our founding members, Gold has crafted an article that we hope will increase awareness of the Alliance

Metastatic Trial Search™ Expands

San Francisco, CA  (December 7, 2016) – Metastatic Trial Search (MTS), a web-based personalized clinical trial matching tool that was developed by BreastCancerTrials.org and collaboratively launched in October 2015 by non-profits Breastcancer.org, Metastatic Breast Cancer Network, Living Beyond Breast Cancer, Young Survival Coalition and Triple Step Toward the Cure, is

MBC Alliance Welcomes More New Members

Metastatic Breast Cancer Alliance Welcomes More New Members in 2016 Nearly 50 leading public and private partners are working together to improve the lives of people living with metastatic breast cancer December 8, 2016: The Metastatic Breast Cancer Alliance (“the Alliance”) welcomes the addition of 6 new organization members to its advocacy-led

Help Keep Me in the Picture

Metastatic breast cancer (MBC) is breast cancer that has spread from the breast to other parts of the body – the liver, lung, brain, bones or other organs – and while there are treatment options, there is no cure.  In the US, MBC takes the lives of 41,000 women and

Improving Access to Clinical Trials through Innovative Visualization Tools

A new tool created by the MBC Alliance visually presents clinical trials recruiting metastatic breast cancer patients. Blog by Keshan Kissoon & Marc Hurlbert, MBC Alliance. Every year hundreds of clinical trials open to recruit breast cancer patients, and close when trial accrual has been met. Often, it takes many
In Memoriam

Celebrating Ginny Knackmuhs

It is with great sadness that we share the news that Ginny Knackmuhs, one of our MBC Alliance founding members, passed away on August 15th. Ginny was surrounded by her family and went peacefully. Alliance member Katherine O’Brien of the MBC Network – Ginny’s home institution – wrote about Ginny