1. Share the Alliance’s inspirational video on your social channels with #MetastaticSayIt. Click here.

  2. Record a video of you saying our tongue twister – Meta-What. Meta-Who. Meta-Me. Meta-You. Metastatic breast cancer! – upload to your social channels, tag 5 friends, and challenge them to say #MetastaticSayIt.

  3. Tweet and post with the hashtag #MetastaticSayIt and retweet where ever possible.

  4. Use our facts about metastatic breast cancer on your social channels. Download here.

The #MetastaticSayIt social media campaign was developed pro bono by our partner AgencyRx in partnership with Alliance members. This first step educates people about the word “metastatic.” Too many people die from metastatic breast cancer and yet so many people have never heard the word, nor know how to say it.