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New communication toolkit!

Read our Phase 1 research report here about how healthcare teams can improve their conversations about diagnosis, prognosis and treatment options with newly diagnosed patients.

Many metastatic breast cancer patients do not receive adequate information from healthcare professionals to understand the disease and its treatments so they can make informed decisions. Many patients also experience emotional distress, and while resources exist to address common feelings depression and anxiety, they are underutilized. Further, people living with the disease find it difficult to find support for psychosocial, as well as practical needs, e.g., transportation, financial support.

  1. A communication research project looking at how visual materials can be more effective when used by health care teams to communicate a diagnosis, prognosis and treatment options to a newly diagnosed patient. The aim is to improve engagement between oncologists nurses, social works and patients that have low or no understanding of the disease.
  2. Research to understand barriers health care professionals face in giving reliable information about metastatic breast cancer to patients at the time of diagnosis.
  3. National mapping of resources available for patients.