Who is the MBC Alliance?

We are led by patient advocates including people diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer, and their caregivers. All Alliance members have an equal “seat at the table” and each contribute at least one staff member to our work. More than 50 experts from our members participate in either a Task Force or our Executive Group.

Executive Group

Marc Hurlbert, Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Chair

Task Force Co-Chairs
Christine Benjamin, SHARE Cancer Support, Information Task Force
Andrea Hutton, Patient Advisor, Information Task Force
Katherine O’Brien, Metastatic Breast Cancer Network, Awareness Task Force
Catherine Ormerod, Living Beyond Breast Cancer, Awareness Task Force
Shirley Mertz, Metastatic Breast Cancer Network, Research Task Force
Stephanie Reffey, Susan G. Komen, Research Task Force

Industry Representatives
Beth Burnett, Pfizer
Susan Gorky, Celgene

Karen Durham, Patient Advisor
Joshua Newby, Theresa’s Research Foundation
Kimberly Sabelko, Susan G. Komen
Hope Wohl, BreastCancer.org

MBC Alliance Staff
Laurie A. Campbell, Director
Dana Mooney, Membership and Administration Associate

as of 15 February 2017